Huntingdon Single File - walking group


Huntingdon Escape the Sofa (formerly known as Huntingdon single file walking group)

This group was founded in January 2011.

We're a walking club that likes to enjoy the countryside.  Other local walking clubs seem to go around in a huge gaggle.  We often hear them coming and in all likelihood so does the wildlife.  As we are still quite small we don't make too much noise and still get to see the odd Muntjac, fox or other wildlife in the flesh.  

We're mostly singles and enjoy having a meal together in a pub on a Sunday lunchtime. 

We have recently expanded into hosting social events too.

Currently our age range is roughly 40 to 55. 

We look to share the walks we've done with our members and if you have a favourite walk you would like to share with us we would love to hear from you.

For contact details go to our new site: